Tiger’s Nest Trek

The Tiger’s Nest monastery is one of the must-visit attractions in Bhutan. Even the least adventurous travellers to Bhutan do not leave the country without setting a foot on this monastery.  The awe-inspiring monastery is suspended precipitously on a bare rock face some 900 meters above Paro valley. Trekking to the monastery will offer some of the most beautiful views of the valley along with the experience of tranquillity which is evident while travelling in Bhutan. 

About Tiger’s Nest Monastery

Taktshang monastery literally translates to Tiger’s Nest monastery in English. Located in the idyllic Paro valley, the monastery is one of the most sacred monasteries in Bhutan.   The founding of the monastery is credited to Guru Padmasambhava, a revered Buddhist master. History dictates that the master rode atop a flying tigress and meditated in a cave for several years. The cave is still preserved as the monastery has been built around the cave.

The trek takes about 4 hours on a well-maintained trail taking the trekkers through the verdant landscape and amazing views along the way. Another thing to look forward to would be the fluttering colourful prayer flags that are hung along the trail.

Once at the monastery after an arduous trek, one can enjoy a stunning panoramic view of the Paro valley.

Tour Overview

Some 20 minutes drive north of Paro; you will be greeted by horsemen and horses at the base of Taktshang monastery. From there you can choose to hike all the way up or if you are not very confident, you could also hire horses to ride from the base of the monastery.

But if you are healthy enough, hiking can offer the best experience of the journey and also the feeling of fulfilment upon reaching the top is something that nothing can compare to.

After ascending halfway, a quaint little cafeteria awaits you, where you can catch a breath and also snack while enjoying the view.

After much rest, you can resume hiking through lush pine woods while enjoying the fresh air and the amazing views along the way.

After a while, you will approach the first viewpoint from where you can see the monastery.  This viewpoint is one of the most popular selfie spots at the attraction. You can take some selfies with the magnificent monastery as the backdrop.

From the viewpoint, you will have to descend along with steep steps and cross a small bridge which is built over a small flowing stream which is formed from a waterfall. From here you will have to climb to reach the temple.


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Best Time to trek

Although the monastery remains open throughout the year and people tend to trek all the time, the fall season is known to be the best time to trek as the monsoon months would have passed and the weather would usually be pleasant with clear skies and fresh mountain breeze.

Spring season can be another favourable time to trek when the blossoms are in full bloom and trees are greener than ever.

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